Titchfield Abbey & the Dissolution

TichFieldAbbeyFront   imagesCAYFXXG1

The stately facade of Titchfield Abbey and the ruin it conceals. Titchfield Abbey is a medieval abbey and later country house of the Wriothesley family in Hampshire, England. The abbey was founded in 1222 for an austere order of priests. The inhabitants were devoted to scholarship, as shown by their very impressive library. Titchfield fell victim to the Dissolution in 1537 that was ordered by Henry VIII of England. Henry gave the building to Thomas Wriothesley, a powerful courtier who converted into a mansion. Later in the sixteenth century the abbey was home to Henry Wriothesley, who was a patron of William Shakespeare. In 1781 the abbey was abandoned and partially demolished to create a romantic ruin. It is now part of English Heritage. Tomorrow, Another Ruin  Rita Bay

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