Alexander the Great & The First Ptolemy

imagesCA818JSOIn 332 BC, Alexander the Great, King of Macedon invaded and conquered Egypt. He founded the city of Alexandria to serve as capital and appointed Greeks to the leadership. In 331 BC he departed leaving Cleomenes in charge. He left Egypt never to return. (See Pic Courtesy of British Museum)  After Alexander’s death in Babylon in 323 BC, a crisis erupted over control of the empire. Regents ruled for Alexander’s brother (Phillip III) and newborn son (Alexander IV).

iptoles001p1Ptolemy, one of Alexander’s favorite generals governed Egypt and its possessions for Alexander’s heirs. When central control weakened, Ptolemy assumed the rule of Egypt in his own right. Though Greek by birth, he adopted the customs of the pharaohs. (Notice the very Greek profile of a coin of the first Ptolemy)

More tomorrow, Rita Bay

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