A Three-For Homophone: rain, reign, & rein

While I was reading a novel recently, I was reminded of the importance of watching out for those worrisome homophones. I was surprised to see the horse’s reigns were in the hero’s hands.
Rain is a noun or verb and refers to the water that drops from the sky. Reign as a noun refers to power, often as in a king’s rule. As a verb, it means to rule or have power over something or someone. Rein as a noun refers to a leather strap used to control the horse. As a verb, to rein means to check or guide a horse using the reins.
Tomorrow, More on the Presidents. Rita Bay


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4 responses to “A Three-For Homophone: rain, reign, & rein

  1. I’m so glad to see this here. If I see “He reigned in his passion” or “reign in out-of-control spending” one more time, I toss my crown at someone.

    • This was a quickie written late at night but deserving of attention. This kind of error pulls a picky reader out of the story, kind of like discreet and discrete. An editor extraordinaire with a discriminating eye would pick it up on the first edit. R

  2. I’m always goofing up rein & reign. Also shudder & shutter and let’s not forget peek, peak and pique.

    • Like discrete and discreet. I was writing about a “discrete affair.” To be fair though, discretion is spelled like discrete, having the same origins. Just saying. Rita

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