The Aegis Cover Reveal

Loving my new cover for The Aegis which will be released by Champagne Book Group in April. An Aegis, a feisty heroine, a dark Alpha hero, and New Orleans. Petra nailed it. Check out the blurb:

Melinda Kildare, antiquarian and rare bookseller extraordinaire, spends her free time searching for the find of the century. She returns home from an estate auction believing she just might have accomplished her goal. Too late, she discovers that the medallion that traps her head-first in the bottom of a barrel is the bait used by a race of vampires to capture and enslave women of power.

Light Warrior Damian Sinclair has battled the Dark Ones for centuries. He rescues Melinda who is destined to be his lifemate but at a horrific cost. He must resolve their conflict, introduce his lifemate to her heritage, and win Melinda’s love while battling the Dark Ones who relentlessly pursue her.

Will they find happiness as they unite to fight the Dark Ones or fall victims to the Dark forces ranged against them?

To read an excerpt of The Aegis, click HERE.   Friday, More Mary     Rita


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6 responses to “The Aegis Cover Reveal

  1. Love Petra’s covers! Looks great!

    • Champagne is blessed with great artists. Gave Petra the cover info sheet not knowing what she would come up with. It is perfect — intriguing and dark with a touch of humor – like I intended the book to be. AND HOT, I forgot hot, my hottest ever. Rita

  2. That, Rita, is a gorgeous cover.

  3. The cover is really great! I will have to check this one out in April. Congratulations! 🙂

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