An Author’s Desk: Fran Fisher/McNabb

My guest author today is Fran McNabb who also writes as Fran Fisher. She writes contemporary and historical romance for Montlake and is also Indie-published. Fran who lives near me on the Gulf Coast is one of the most supportive writers in my RWA chapter. She served as Chapter President for years, even saw us through Katrina. She’s always had time for newbie questions and stepped up to manage our conference for years.

Fran lives on a quiet bayou harbor and loves to write while sitting on her chaise lounge in the sunroom. “I get inspiration from the calm water, the birds that gather on the piers or wade along the marsh, and the occasional otters or alligator that swim by. Every season has something different to offer.” Harbor Breeze, one of the three books in the Bayou Cove Series by Fran Fisher, is set on this harbor. Click cover to read excerpt/buy.

Fran is also the author of Windswept an historical romance from Montlake Publishing which was released in December. Her inspiration? “After visiting the Wrecker Museum in Key West, FL, I knew I would write a book using the early years of Key West history. I fell in love with the Key West area and its history.” Check out the excerpt, then click the cover to buy.

En route to marry the fiancé handpicked by her father, Virginia Ames gets shipwrecked off the coast of the beautiful Florida Keys. Her rescuer, the dashing Captain Slader, is a wrecker who specializes in salvaging cargo from sunken vessels. As a native New Englander, Virginia grew up in wealth but felt most comfortable on the docks, among the ships. This special connection to the sea is one of the few things the privileged heiress and the rugged captain share. But mixed with the captain’s handsome looks, could this passion be enough to drive Virginia’s marriage plans off course?
Captain John Slader is no stranger to the winds of change himself. He’d once lost the thing he held most dear: his family. But now that those same winds have sent him the lovely Virginia, will he risk his heart yet again? Virginia’s fiancé, an up-and-coming politician, may be able to offer her a world of wealth and comfort—but could he cherish her as John would, with a love as boundless as the ocean itself?

Read more about Fran at her webpages which feature more pics of the bayou: FranMcNabb and FranFisher. Additional contacts: Facebook OR email: .

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3 responses to “An Author’s Desk: Fran Fisher/McNabb

  1. Rita, thank you so much for featuring me on your blog. I read your entries just about everyday and am honored to be a part of it.

  2. Good morning Fran and Rita! Fran, you have such a beautiful home. If I had your porch I’d spend all my time gazing out the window and I’d never write a word.

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