The Battle of New Orleans

The Battle of New Orleans, the final major battle of the War of 1812, was fought on January 8, 1815 between British and American forces. The American forces commanded by Major General Andrew Jackson defeated an invading British Army commanded by General John Keane.that had wanted to seize New Orleans, the gateway to the vast Louisiana Purchase.  The British suffered 2,042 casualties: 291 killed, 1,267 wounded, and 484 captured or missing. The Americans had 71 casualties: 13 dead; 39 wounded and 19 missing.
The Treaty of Ghent that resolved the conflict between the Americans and Brits had been signed and ratified in December, 1814, the dispatches notifying the forces of an end to hostilities did not arrive until late February. Fortunately, for me and my ancestors, the British army was making preparations to attack my hometown of Mobile in Alabama when news arrived of the peace treaty. British forces had already attacked Fort Bowyer on the east side of Mobile Bay but withdrew when they were notified of the Truce. Check out the Dennis Malone Carter painting (1856) of the Battle of New Orleans. Tomorrow, General Jackson.  Rita Bay


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