Welcome, Author Linda Rettstatt

Today’s guest author is Linda Rettstatt a Champagne author who writes mainstream romance and women’s fiction. Her books have finaled four times for EPIC e-Book Awards, and she was named 2010 Author of the Year by Champagne Books. Love, Sam won the 2012 EPIC eBook Award in Mainstream Fiction. She’s sharing a personal Santa story and the blurb from Reinventing Christmas.


There Is No Santa Claus…Maybe

There Is No Santa Claus…Maybe

By the age of eight, I was already beginning to question the existence of Santa Claus. I’d caught my parents in the act of putting toys together late on Christmas Eve more than once. My mother convinced me that Santa delivered them but didn’t have time to assemble, so he left the instructions for my dad to do it. (Santa forgot one thing—my dad was a great auto mechanic, but not so hot in the assembling department. I think it was the guy thing about following instructions.)

It was nearly midnight on Christmas Eve. My sister and I, ages eight and five respectively, were wide awake in the bed we shared, listening for sounds on the roof. She squirmed with the anticipation of any five-year-old. I was only waiting for further proof that my hypothesis was correct—there was no such thing as Santa Claus. My mother came into the room and handed me a Walkie-Talkie type telephone and said, “Santa wants to talk with you.”

Yeah, right. I took the phone and listened, then said, “That’s not Santa. That’s Daddy.”

The deep male voice on the other end of the phone said, “Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas, Linda,” just as my father walked around the corner and into the room.

I’m sure my wide-eyed expression gave both my parents fits of laughter. I remember wanting so much to hang onto my belief in Santa, even though my skeptical eight-year-old brain said, “It’s just one of Daddy’s friends.” It was a moment of choice. I had to choose to either let the fantasy shatter and grow up too soon or choose to believe in magic.

Hours later I raced down the stairs to check the plate of cookies and glass of milk—both gone—and to tear into the wrapping to see what else Santa had brought. I think I held onto childhood for at least another two years, and then pretended several more for my younger sister’s sake.

It’s much easier to believe in magic—and so much more fun.


Reinventing Christmas

TV news reporter M.J. Rich sees the end in sight of her relationship with WCL meteorologist Dan Sevier. She decides a nice, traditional family Christmas is in order, and heads home to Pittsburgh from Charleston, SC. Brady Cameron, Triton Communications CEO, will be spending Christmas alone at a Pennsylvania ski resort and nursing a broken heart. The two meet when a winter storm strands them both in the Philadelphia airport. They agree to share the last rental vehicle available. But worsening road conditions force them to take shelter in an abandoned cabin in the Pennsylvania mountains. Once they are rescued, M.J. invites Brady to join her and her family for the holiday–and it ends up being a Christmas neither will ever forget.

Click cover to buy Reinventing Christmas. Check out all of  Linda’s books on her Champagne page: http://www.champagnebooks.com/lindarettstatt.htm or at her webpage http://lindarettstatt.com/.

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2 responses to “Welcome, Author Linda Rettstatt

  1. What fun Christmas story Linda, it brought on memories of my own

  2. If we’re lucky, we hold onto that sense of wonder that Christmas brings….maybe for different reasons as we mature. But I love Christmas.

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