Guest Author, Audra Middleton

Author Audra Middleton is visiting to share her debut fantasy novel and a to-die-for holiday recipe. Watcher,  will be released in January, 2013 by Burst Books, a division of Champagne Book Group. Burst/CBG is known for outstanding covers, but they outdid themselves with this one. Check it out when you read the blurb. First, though, Audra offers up her recipe for Peaches & Cream Cheesecake.


Peaches & Cream Cheesecake

¾ C. flour                                         ½ tsp. salt
1 egg                                                   3 Tbsp. soft butter
1 small pkg non-instant vanilla pudding
½ C. milk                                         1 Qt. drained peaches
1- 8 oz. pkg soft cream cheese      ½ C. sugar
3 Tbsp. peach juice                         sugar & cinnamon

1. Mix first 7 ingredients in a bowl and beat for 2 minutes.
2. Pour mixture into large greased pie plate.
3. Place drained peach slices on top of mixture.
4. Combine cream cheese, ½ C. sugar, and 3 Tbsp. peach juice. Beat for 2 minutes.
5. Spoon cream cheese mixture over peaches and batter, leaving ¼ of an inch space before the edge of the plate.
6. Sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar

7. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Best if eaten warm.



An orphan girl seeks the oblivion of the forest while darkness lures the Chosen Son of prophecy, yet they find each other, and their budding love could destroy the very world Goran, the tormented prophet, is trying to save. War threatens to destroy the world of Anthelion unless the holy man, Goran, can solve his prophecy riddle. For every clue he finds, another obstacle surfaces. An orphan girl, Watcher, becomes his responsibility. As if parenthood itself  isn’t daunting enough, she keeps a bear for a pet and transforms into her forest surroundings to avoid socialization. Hope momentarily emerges when Goran finds Benaiah, the Chosen Son of the prophecy. Only he soon discovers Benaiah is a social pariah on the verge of embracing darkness. When Benaiah and Watcher unexpectedly meet, the two outsiders find in each other a sense of  belonging they’ve never known. Now their emerging love promises to bring about the same war Goran is struggling to prevent.

Visit Audra at to read more about her writing and books. Watcher with that gorgeous cover will be released in early January. I’ll feature the release with a large pic of that cover.  Tomorrow and Saturday, stop by and check out a couple of high-end Christmas gifts that’s sure to please if you have the bucks.  Rita


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4 responses to “Guest Author, Audra Middleton

  1. Oh, yum, Audra, both your book and your recipe sound scrumptious. I can’t wait to try both. Congratulations!
    Two questions: is the peach juice you mention the reserved syrup from the canned peaches? And for those poor souls who don’t have access to the home-preserved ones, will a 28-ounce can be a sufficient replacement for the quart?

  2. I absolutely love your book cover!

  3. Thanks Nikki! I accidentally left my reply about the peach juice on JA’s comment (oops), but yes, the canned will work!

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