This Writer’s Pen: Political Speak

A new feature, This Writer’s Pen, will address topics that pop up throughout the week that might pique the interest of other writers. Some posts might be about grammar or composition; other, more complex issues.  T’his week , Americans have had a double dose of conventions intended to stir the hearts of the faithful and convince the undecided that their candidate is the best choice for President. I noticed that many advocates for both candidates – and the candidates themselves – made statements littered with fallacies that should send up red flags to seasoned listeners. They include:

“I’ve always said that …”  Except when he/she didn’t.

“I NEVER said that …”  Except that they had her on tape.

“All experts agree that …”  ALL experts never agree on anything.

“All REPUTABLE experts agree that …”  If you disagree, then it’s because you are NOT reputable, SO shut up.

“The fact of the matter is …”  When used as an initial answer, don’t listen to what the next guy has to say.  When used as a response, everything the previous person said was untrue (a lie) so pay no attention to him/her.”

“I am personally offended …” OR  “I demand an apology for …”  OR “How dare he …”  Keeps an issue in the news cycle longer.

“We need to have an adult conversation about …”  Any statement that uses the word “adult” implies that the opponent is not behaving in a mature manner.

Anyway, you get my drift.  Do you have a particular favorite?

Tomorrow, A Lady, a Battle, & an Amendment     Rita Bay


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2 responses to “This Writer’s Pen: Political Speak

  1. Great list, Rita – and so true!

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