His Desire (M/F, Sensual, Siren BookStrand)

His Desire, Book 2 of the Montclair Chronicles and His Obsession, Book 1 of the Montclair Chronicles are both in BookStrand’s Mainstream Top 10 Sellers this week. Click cover to buy or read an excerpt of His Desire (on sale for $3.59 thru June 6th) and His Obsession. Check out the blurb and excerpt below:

William Montclair, the only child and heir of the Earl of Ashford, is determined to find a wife who will bear the children he needs and accept what he has to offer—marriage without love. Georgiana Janson fell in love with William Montclair during the war but she can’t accept what Will offers—love without marriage. When her circumstances change, Georgi must decide what she wants in her life. Too late, Will discovers what he needs most in his. He mounts a campaign to court and win the love of his life. 

London  March, 1815   Will’s Quest

“It is time to fill my nursery.”

William, Baron Montclair, winced when his father’s pool cue missed the ball entirely and skidded along the rich-green felt of the mahogany pool table.

Father cleared his throat, glanced over his shoulder toward the bar, then turned his attention on him. “Did I hear you correctly, Will?”

“You did, sir.” He had always felt uneasy when his father’s piercing blue eyes pinned him like an insect in a display case.

“Do you have a mother in mind for these children?”

“Not at this time.” He had hoped the conversation would be less difficult. He had always had a close relationship with his father, ever since he and his mother had moved  to England from his childhood home in the Bahamas. “I plan to begin my search this season and to have the deed done within a month or so.”

“Let me understand this.” His father stood to his full height and faced him, eye to eye. “You plan to marry an as-yet-to-be-identified young woman because you want children?”

“Yes, sir. It is past time.” He would not dwell on the horrors he had seen as an officer during the late war with Napoleon. He had come to appreciate life when his own had been at risk daily. His command of the French language and knowledge of the culture had made him a natural choice for missions when General Wellesley, now the duke of Wellington, required a presence behind the French lines.

“I, too, had concerns about the succession when you were on the Peninsula. God forbid that your drunken cousin inherit. He would have bankrupted the earldom in a few years.”

His father draped an arm around his shoulders, a rare display of affection since he had grown into adulthood. “Knowing for three years that our only child and heir was in constant danger was a great burden on your mother and me. But we were proud of you, son.”

“A man could do no less, sir, after Ciudad Rodrigo.” It had not been an easy decision when he was but twenty-two to leave all he held dear for a war on foreign soil, but Napoleon had been a threat to his country and his family. Now it was time to fulfill the rest of his responsibilities, however distasteful.

Tomorrow, Tattersall’s    Rita Bay


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2 responses to “His Desire (M/F, Sensual, Siren BookStrand)

  1. I love both of your covers. My next one comes out mid July and I hope it is pretty like yours. I liked my first one with Siren and have high hopes for this one too. Congrats on how well your series I’d doing! I have thei first one but need to finish it before I download Book 2 of the Montclair Chronicles.

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