Prinny’s Set: George Campbell, Duke of Argyll

George William Campbell (1766 – 1839), the 6th Duke of Argyll, was another member of Prinny’s Set and a friend of Beau Brummel. His father was a general and member of the household of George III. Argyll (the 6th) served on the Privy Council and was the Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland. He  married Caroline Elizabeth Villiers (1774-1835) in 1810 three weeks after she divorced Lord Uxbridge, the future Marquis of Anglesey. Argyll and Caroline had no children and at his death his brother succeeded to titles.

Argyll is well-known for his affairs with the two of the Wilson sisters, renowned members of the demimonde. Harriette (1786 -1845) commented that Argyll was considered very handsome but unable to remain faithful to anyone for long. Harriette’s own sister, Amy, became pregnant by him while he was still together with Harriette. She  threw a fit and they parted. Harriette wrote her memoirs in her later years for which many paid a handsome price not to be included –  after she had announced her intentions to some very prominent persons. Not so one hero whom we’ll meet tomorrow.  Rita Bay

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