Prinny: The Prince Regent

George Augustus Frederick; 12 August 1762 – 26 June 1830) the oldest son of George III  served as Prince Regent during his father’s relapse into mental illness from 1811 until his accession. For most of his life he had a poor relationship with his father and mother. His relationship with his wife, Caroline of Brunswick, was even worse but more on that another day.

Prior to becoming Regent, his extravagant lifestyle offended his parents and the British people. It only got worse. A period encompassing several decades was named after him – The Regency. He was a patron of new forms of leisure, style and taste. He was instrumental in building the Royal Pavilion in Brighton,  remodelled Buckingham Palace, rebuilt Windsor, and founded the National Gallery and King’s College in London.

He was called “the First Gentleman of England,”  but his poor family relations, his dissolute lifestyle, his unsanctioned first marriage and extravagance angered the British people. He did not provide leadership during the Napoleonic Wars but relied on Lord Liverpool, the Prime Minister. His decisions were influenced by friends and sycophants. Parliament could only control his behavior through the purse strings. The pictures illustrate the weight gain that only increased over the years.

May 5th – 9th  The Chocolate and Roses Blog Hop.   On May 10th, Prinny’s Wives. Rita Bay


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  1. Enjoy the blog! On mine I have a story about the lanuguage of roses, leading on from this really!

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