More about the Tuaregs

When I was researching the Tuaregs for my book HIS OBSESSION and then posting about North Africa and life there, the pictures of the Tuaregs looked so familiar. Their own histories related either an unknown origin or that they were descended from the Roman legions who settled in Egypt.  What is for sure is that they aren’t Arabic.  A couple of days after I posted the history, I remembered where I had seen similar pictures. Check out these pics of unveiled Tuareg men.




Now, check out these 1st – 3rd century portraits of mummies found at the entrance to the Fayyum oasis in Hawara at an archaeological site of Ancient Egypt. The residents here were said to have been the ancient Greeks who came with Ptolemy and mixed with local Egyptians. What do you think?

Finally, there is a facial reconstruction from a skull of one of the mummies discovered in the area.  Tomorrow, Back to the Harem      Rita Bay

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