Vintage Postcard: Holiday Greetings

Vintage Holiday Greeting Card c. 1920

Welcome to Rita Bay’s month of Holiday Celebrations. The whole blog has been refurbished with a holiday decor to celebrate the December Holidays.  Each day guests will be treated to century-old vintage  holiday postcards (from my packrat family’s stash), classic pics, and other treats that scream Christmas.  But, as always, there’ll be loads of info you won’t find any other place. Guests bloggers will take you into the past–ancient Scotland, Medieval England, and Regency Britain–to celebrate Christmas. Test recipes from the kitchens of the past (a centuries-old Spice Cake to die for) and the present (a decadent guilt-free, low-carb dessert). Finally, we’ll look at Christmas in its historical context.

Besides the Christian celebrations, we’ll check out ancient pagan celebrations that predate Christmas, like the Romans’ Saturnalia and the Celtic Winter Solstice. Then, we’ll move to more modern, non-religious holidays like Kwanza, Boxing Day, and Festivus. Visit Rita Bay’s Blog each day to see what’s happening.

Tomorrow, Advent & the Advent Wreath    Rita Bay


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4 responses to “Vintage Postcard: Holiday Greetings

  1. Sounds like you have a full, busy month planned out for you!! Wow.

  2. I love looking at old cards. To me they have a lot more class then the ones we buy today. I look forward to coming to your blog to see the new card.

    • The advantages of a family of packrats. This particular card can be dated because we know when the couple who sent it married to my family but their only child’s name was not included. I plan to do a half-dozen more throughout the month and some retro holiday pics and prints that some might recognize. Thank you for visiting. Rita Bay

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