The Celts: Masters of Art

Celtic art evolved over time.  The earliest Celtic art used geometric designs (Halstatt period circa 700 BC).  Later, the geometrical designed evolved into spirals with hints of faces and animals (La Tene  period circa 400 BC).  During the Christian era (circa 400 AD), the famous Celtic interlaced knotwork emerged.  From 750 – 1000 AD, Celtic art reached its pinnacle with  magnificent jewelry in gold and silver with complex designs of animals mixed with spirals and knotwork.  Better to show than tell.  Check it out.

Halstatt Bronze Vessel

Halstatt Broch

Halstatt Amber Choker


Battersea Shield TeneHorned Helmet Early Christian Pin


Book of Durrow



Later Christian Tara Brooch

Book of Kells






Book of Kells





 Tomorrow, Master of Song    Rita Bay

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