Unique Proposals

Marriages proposals in history were often negotiations between parents or their representatives with—for the nobility or wealthy—complex property settlements. Later marriage proposals were initiated when the groom and/or his family and/or representatives approached the father of the prospective bride and asked permission to court.  The suitor presented his “prospects,” including enough info on his finances to prove he was capable of supporting his intended.  When permission to court was granted, there was an expectation of marriage.  Courting couples were generally not allowed to be alone together and did not call each other by their first names. 

Marriage proposals today can be traditional—the would-be groom on bended knee—or more unique.  Having combed the internet for modern examples of unique marriage proposals, a few of the most interesting are presented below.   


Country singer Garth Brooks used a public setting when he asked his Trisha Yearwood to marry him.  As Brooks’ statue was revealed at the  “Legends in Bronze” event., he dropped to one knee and proposed to Yearwood in front of 7,000 cheering fans.

Comedian Sid Ceaser created a custom-made puppets which resembled himself and his intended and made a short romantic film. His film was shown as a preview at a local theatre. Sid invited his girlfriend to enjoy a movie at the theatre where his short film was being shown. When she realized that the film was about them, she accepted his proposal.

Canadian Arvin Ross hired a local magician to help him propose his girl. The magician performed a street magic show at Toronto’s Harbor Front area.  As Arvin’s girlfriend passed by the street, the magician pulled Arvin out of the crowd with a red velvet ring box. Arvin then proposed his girlfriend.

Flying Prop

Mateo Martinez popped the question at 20,000 feet just as he and his girlfriend were about to sky dive.  “There is no better way to get your heart rate up than jumping out of a plane and proposing to your girlfriend,”Martinez said.

Tattoo artist Joe Wittenburg proposed his girl in a unique way by tattooing himself.

Comic book artist Leigh Gallagher proposed by creating a sweet multi-panel comic which featured his relationship with his girlfriend.

Theater Proposal with a Twist

My favorite?  A wealthy Ukrainian hired an entire theatre company so he could star in a play and give his girlfriend a proposal she’d never forget. Gennady Zaleskiy, 38, paid £10,000 to have the play The Romantics staged in Zaporozhie,Ukraine, with him as the leading man. He then arranged for his theatre-fan girlfriend to have a seat at the show on a girls’ night out with friends. He appeared on stage in a mask where he was supposed to declare his love for his leading lady. Instead, he turned to face his girlfriend in the audience and said: “No, the woman I love is  called Victoria and  she is in the sixth row. Will you marry me, Victoria?”  The bride?   She said “Yes!”  

Tomorrow, an English tea.    RitaBay

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