Native American Homes

 The many kinds of Native American homes were reflections of the environment in which they lived.  Today, a few Native Americans by choice live in their traditional homes but most ive in modern houses.  The structures pictured/described below are covered in depth with pictures at the following outstanding comprehensive website:


Wigwams (or wetus or birchbark houses) – Algonquian Indians in the woodland regions

Longhouses-used by the Iroquois tribes and some of their Algonquian neighbors.



Tepees tent-like American Indian houses used by Plains

Grass house

Grass Houses used in the Southern Plains by tribes such as the Caddos.

Wattle and daub houses (also known as asi, the Cherokee word for them) are Native American houses used by southeastern tribes.

Chickees (also known as chickee huts, stilt houses or platform dwellings) are Native American homes used primarily  in Folorida by tribes like the Seminole Indians.

Pueblo Houses

Adobe houses (also known as pueblos) are Native American house complexes used by the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest.

Earthen house is a general term referring to several types of Native American homes including Navajo hogans, Sioux earth lodges, subarctic sod houses, and Native American pit houses of the West Coast and Plateau.

  are Native American homes used by tribes of the Northwest Coast (from northern California all the way up to Alaska.) Plank houses are made of long, flat planks of cedar wood lashed to a wooden frame.

Igloos (or Iglu) are snow houses used by the Inuit (Eskimos) of northern Canada.

Brush shelters (including wickiups, lean-tos, gowa, etc.) are temporary Native American dwellings used by many tribes. Brush shelters are typically very small, like a camping tent.

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