The Language of Flowers

During the Regency and Victorian periods in Britain, the “language of flowers” became very popular.  Charlotte de Latour’s Le Langage des Fleurs which was written in 1817 was the first published book and is considered the standard reference.  The many roses will be featured in June.  Also check out the vintage postcards featuring the language of flowers.

Apple Blossom – preference

Azalea – temperance

Basil – hatred

Columbine – folly

Daisy – innocence

Daffodil – regard

Ferns – sincerity

Freesia – trust

Holly – foresight

Hyacinth (General) – Games and sports, Rashness

Hyacinth (Blue) – Constancy

Hyacinth (Purple) – I am sorry, Forgive me, Sorrow

Hyacinth (Red or Pink) – Play

Hyacinth (White) – Loveliness, I’ll pray for you

Hyacinth (Yellow) – Jealousy

Iris – message

Ivy – fidelity

Lavender – distrust

Lily – purity

Lily (Orange) – Hatred

Lily (White) – Virginity, Purity, Majesty, It’s heavenly to be with you

Lily (Yellow) – I’m walking on air, False & gay

Lily (Calla) – Beauty

Lily (Day) – Coquetry

Lily (Eucharis) – Maiden charms

Lily (Tiger) – Wealth, Pride

Marigold – sorrow

Morning Glory – affection

Myrtle – love and marriage

Oak – hospitality

Pansy – thoughtfulness

Primrose – consistency

Rhododendron – danger

Thistle – defiance

Tulip – fame

Violet – faithfulness

Water-lily – pure of heart

Zinnia – thoughts of absent friends


Check out the Charlotte de Latour’s original book in French (Google can translate it.) with beautiful illustrations:

Tomorrow:  Nom de Guerre                Rita Bay

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