Vintage Postcard: Panama City circa 1910

The Casino at Long Beach Resort, Panama City, Florida

Tomorrow:   The First Gold Rush                  Rita Bay


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3 responses to “Vintage Postcard: Panama City circa 1910

  1. Ah home. Did you know the area we now call Panama City Beach was named Long Beach before PC incorporated it. There was so much great stuff down there when I was a kid. Though the casinos were long gone. Now very little is there other than condos. Sad really. They even tore down Miracle Strip amusement park to build nothing.

    • Beautiful area–lived there a couple of summers as a child while my father (a Corps of Engineers employee) was working on some building projects on the base there. The old beach casinos which were built across the Gulf Coast are gone now–mostly due to development and hurricanes. Having lived on the water most of my life, it’s disturbing to see newcomers build monster homes and then want to limit access to the beaches, even the public ones. Getting off my soapbox, Rita Bay

      • No soap box, I agree. Panama City used to be beautiful. Beach everywhere. Now you can’t even see it. The things that made it unique and fun are gone. The tower the amusement parks the mini golf all that touristy stuff, all gone. It’s a shame. Giant condos and huge houses that sit there unused most of the year is that’s there now. Stay on the soap box, I’ll jump on with you.

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