2 responses to “Eyewitness to Andrew Jackson’s Duel

  1. And to think they call some of our politicians uncivilized. Today all they do is call each other names. Fascinating, as usual Rita.

  2. Knew about the Burr and Hamilton duel in 1804 that ended in Hamilton’s death and the end of the Federalist part and the Brooks and Sumner leading up to the Civil War BUT ALSO THERE was the following: after the House failed to expel Representative Matthew Lyon of Vermont for the “gross indecency” of spitting tobacco juice at Representative Roger Griswold of Connecticut, Griswold sought justice by attacking Lyon on the House Floor (then located in Philadelphia’s Congress Hall) with a cane.

    September 22, 1826 On the Linkumpinch dueling field near Franklin, Kentucky, Representative Sam Houston of Tennessee gravely wounded General William A. White, a veteran of the Battle of New Orleans, in a pistol duel.

    February 24, 1838 On this date, Jonathan Cilley of Maine was killed by Representative William Graves of Kentucky in a duel on the outskirts of D.C., in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

    May 22, 1856 Representative Preston Brooks of South Carolina, accompanied by Representative Laurence Keitt of South Carolina, severely beat Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts with a cane in the Senate Chamber.

    Our politics were more colorful than I knew. Rita Bay

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